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CBS Exploits Murrow Legacy

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Wednesday, February 8th CBS premieres its newly reconstituted program, Person to Person, made famous by its long-serving moderator, Edward R. Murrow.  I do not predict huge ratings for yet another program celebrating how the rich really aren’t like you and me.  Here’s an excerpt from my op-ed published in The Huffington Post

CBS is heavily marketing Murrow’s image in its rollout of the 2012 Person to Person. It’s doubtful that this show will have the staying power, that is, unless producer Zirinsky can somehow combine a murder mystery with peeking into George Clooney’s cupboards.

The saddest part of the new Person to Person on CBS is that it exploits the visage of a credible journalist to try to capture eyeballs to the screen, a screen already permeated with so many trivial details about people whose lives are already above and beyond those 1 percenters we’ve been hearing about lately. We deserve more programs with an investigative look into corporate malfeasance, not someone’s in the kitchen with George.