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Konnichiwa/Good Day to You/こんにちは

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My Japan-based blog is Tokyo Nancy Snow

Writer/Blogger for The Huffington Post since 2007.


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I absolutely love Japan and the Japanese people.  For my American friends, if you have never visited, make sure that you try to visit Japan.  It is not only one of the most important political allies to the United States, but also it is so rich culturally and spiritually.  While there is no strong presence of organized religion, one does feel the Yamato-damashii (old soul) of the people.  To know what I mean, watch an old Yasujiro Ozu (Tokyo Story) or Akira Kurosawa (Ikiru) film. 

In the post-3/11 era, anyone who visits Japan will feel a sense of gratitude.  I feel lucky every day to have an opportunity to interact with the Japanese.  I’m very grateful to the Japan Fulbright Commission, Japan Foundation, and the Social Science Research Council in New York for this opportunity to serve as an unofficial cultural ambassador of the United States of America.  I’m a strong believer in the power of educational and cultural exchange in service to binational and global citizen interests.  I salute the US Government’s TOMODACHI public-private partnership to strengthen and renew ties between Japan and the US in the aftermath and recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake of 3/11.