Nikkei Asia

Snow is a writer for Nikkei Asia, the English-language version of Nikkei, which also owns The Financial Times. She also writes for Nikkei Business.

Snow was a ten-year blogger at The Huffington Post with 90+ posts. In addition, she blogged frequently for Common Dreams and AlterNet. Her writings have been widely published, including in the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Japan Times, The Diplomat, ACCJ Journal, Japan Today, The Guardian, EURObiZ, and Metropolis.

Nancy published her first article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch when she was 10.  It was about the importance of Earth Day.


Japan can learn from Germany’s approach to training and work


Perceptions of Japan have never been better, but some problems remain

Guardrails are needed as new nuclear arms race gets underway

Better English is in Japan’s security interest

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Japan’s government has failed coronavirus communications test 


Sadako Ogata’s legacy should restrain Shinzo Abe’s military enthusiasm   

War-themed artwork row reflects free-speech tensions in Japan  

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